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Handy Concrete Resurfacing is a locally owned and operated company in Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Upper Coomera with years of experience providing high quality concrete works – residential and commercial. We provide a variety of options including concrete cleaning, concrete flooring, concrete stairs, concrete walls, concrete grinding, epoxy flooring and stamped concrete. Our work can be used in any area of your property including your kitchen, bathroom, basement, garage and driveway. We use only the highest quality materials which includes natural stone, marble and slate with different coloured concrete, so that you get the best results for your money. We pride ourselves on our friendly and professional approach, so if you’re thinking about getting concrete resurfacing or decorative concrete resurfacing done, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

Concrete Driveway Resurfacing Gold Coast

Driveways are one of the most important parts of any home or building. They protect your driveway or garage floor from damage caused by weather conditions such as rain etc. If it has been damaged due to these factors then you will need to have it resurfaced. This is because when water hits concrete driveways it causes it to expand and contract causing cracks and holes to appear. These cracks and holes allow water to enter into the existing concrete surface and cause further damage. The more time goes by without having this problem fixed the worse the damage becomes. It is recommended that you call our team at Handy Concrete Resurfacing as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary costs and inconvenience.

If you have a cracked driveway, you may be wondering whether you should repair it yourself. However, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t attempt to fix it yourself. Firstly, if you try to fix it yourself, you could end up making it even worse than before. Secondly, if you use cheap materials like cement mix, sand, gravel or asphalt shingles, you could end up damaging the surface. Thirdly, if you use poor quality materials, you could end up spending a lot of money repairing it. Lastly, if you don’t know what you are doing, you could end up wasting a lot of time and money.

At Handy Concrete Resurfacing, we offer a professional concrete driveways Gold Coast service that ensures that all surfaces are repaired correctly and professionally. Our experts will ensure that the job is completed quickly and efficiently. We also guarantee that the finished product meets the highest standards.

The first step is to contact us. Once we receive your request, we will visit your property to assess the condition of your driveway. After assessing the situation, we will give you a free quote. We will explain everything to you in detail and answer any questions you might have. After receiving your approval, we will start working on it.  When the project is complete, we will leave it looking great!

Concrete Resurfacing Gold Coast

Concrete resurfacing has been used as a method of improving the look of concrete surfaces since the early 1900s. It was originally developed as a way to improve the appearance of old concrete structures such as roads and parking lots. Today, this technique is also commonly used to create unique decorative patterns or designs on concrete floors and walls.

The cost of can be expensive depending on the size of the project. This makes it difficult for many homeowners to afford the procedure.

At our concrete resurfacing services in Gold Coast, we use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that the finished product looks great and lasts for years to come. Our team will remove any old sealer and apply a fresh coat of high quality epoxy resin to give your concrete floor a long lasting colour.

Concrete Resurfacing Process:

  1. The first step in our resurface process is to prepare the area where the job will take place. Depending on the type of surface you have, we may need to remove some of the existing material before applying the new coating.
  2. Once the area is prepared, we will then apply a thin layer of primer to the entire area. This ensures that it adheres well to the existing concrete.
  3. Next, we will apply a thick layer of the new coating using a trowel. This allows us to achieve a smooth, even finish.
  4. After the application, we will wait until it dries completely. This usually takes between one hour and three hours depending on the temperature outside.
  5. Finally, once it has dried, we will sand down the edges to blend them into the surrounding concrete.
  6. If desired, we can add additional coats after each drying period.
  7. When all of the coats have dried, we will apply a final coat of clear sealant to protect it from moisture.
  8. Once the sealant has cured, we will clean up the area and leave it ready for use.

At Handy Concrete Resurfacing, our team of experts use state of the art equipment to create beautiful, durable surfaces that last up to 10 times longer than traditional concrete. Our concrete resurfacing solutions not only look great but also save money and time.

Handy Concrete Resurfacing
Gold Coast QLD

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Gold Coast

Decorative concrete resurfacing solution and decorative concrete coatings are a great way to add value to any home or commercial property. It adds a beautiful look and texture to any area of your property without having to remove existing flooring to achieve a decorative finish.

Many people think that decorative resurfacing and decorative concrete coatings are expensive but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The cost of our decorative concreting will vary depending on the size of the job and the type of material used.

The beauty is that it lasts for many years and requires little maintenance. This means that you won’t have to worry about replacing your floors again for decades!

Our resurface process involves three simple steps:

Step 1 : A free quote is given to you based on the size of the project.

Step 2 : Once you approve the quote, we begin working immediately.

Step 3 : When the job is complete, we leave behind a stunning surface that looks like real stone.

We, at Handy Concrete Resurfacing Gold Coast understand that each job is unique and requires a custom made solution. That’s why we take time to listen to your ideas and concerns before creating a plan that suits you.

Concrete Repair

This service is one of our core services. We have been providing repairs in Gold Coast for over 10 years now. Our team has all the skills required to carry out any type of these repairs.

The problem with most concrete floor repairs is that they are not properly carried out. This means that there will be cracks and holes appearing in the surface after some time. The result is that water seeps through these cracks and holes and damages the surrounding area.

Our services in Gold Coast ensure that the damage caused to the surface is repaired as soon as possible. We use high quality materials such as epoxy resin and polyurethane to fix the damaged concrete.

There are different types available:

• Patching – used when there is minor damage to the surface. It involves filling up the crack or hole with cement.

• Paving – used when there is major damage to the surface and requires replacement.

• Resurfacing – used when there is severe damage to the old concrete but does not require replacement. Instead, the current concrete is resurfaced using a specialised material.

• Polishing – our polished concrete flooring solutions can be used to makeover surfaces with a seamless and sophisticated finish. All our materials are non-toxic and eco-friendly, allowing us to create healthy living environments without compromising on quality flooring solution.

Once we agree on a time and date, we will arrive at your property and begin working immediately. Our team will be able to start any day of the week, including weekends and public holidays.

After the job has been completed, we will leave behind a detailed invoice detailing everything included in the price. If there are any additional costs incurred during the project, we will let you know before leaving.

We are one of Australia’s leading specialists. With over 10 years of experience repairing concrete in Gold Coast, we understand the importance of getting it right the first time.


Spray concrete is one of the most popular ways to add curb appeal to your home or property. It is also very easy to maintain as well as long lasting.

Many people think sprayconing is not worth the money because it looks cheap but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The quality of the finish will depend on the type of material used and the skill of the person applying it.

If you want a professional job then we have the right solution for you. Our team has years of experience and knowledge in all aspects of spraying concrete service including design, application, maintenance and finishing.

The first step is to discuss your requirements with our team and decide on the best option for you. Once we know exactly what you need we will give you a quote based on your budget. If you accept the quote we will go ahead and start working on your project.

Once the job is completed we will come back to check on progress and ensure everything is going smoothly. We will also clean up any mess or stain left behind.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality products at affordable prices. We understand that when you buy a product like ours you expect great value for money.

Stencil Concrete

We provide stencil concrete services to bring a visually striking design to outdoor surfaces.

Getting the best stenciled concrete driveway or patio possible is time-consuming, expensive and complex. Traditional methods of applying stencils require significant skill and are difficult for those without experience to achieve the desired results.

Our experienced technicians use specialized machinery to create perfect stenciled concrete that meet your exact design specifications. This unique approach allows us to customize patterned it faster and more efficiently than ever before – saving you money, labor and maximizing the lifespan of your stenciled concrete project.

Our process consists of 3 steps:

Step 1: Initial consultation with our knowledgeable team who will tailor a solution to meet your requirements.

Step 2: We complete prepping work such as cutting away any existing brickwork or cement; as well as power cleaning, weed removal and acid wash preparation prior to installation.

Step 3: We meticulously apply the uniquely designed stencil before carefully pouring our special mix of cement into the prepped area – producing a stunning finish personalized for your space!

With our years of experience in creating perfectly patterned exterior spaces using high-quality materials and techniques applied by skilled professionals, you can be confident that you will receive a premium transformation for your outdoor space with unbeatable value for money compared to traditional methods of installing stenciled concrete surfaces.

Exposed Aggregate

We offer exposed aggregate concrete services for clients who want to add visual flair and practical functionality to their homes, commercial buildings, and outdoor areas.

Durability, cost-effectiveness and low-maintenance issues can present an obstacle to making this kind of durable surface look attractive.

Our team of experts provides high quality solutions that are both highly functional and visually appealing. Using the latest techniques, we create a textured surface made from aggregates of different sizes that add interest as well as a dynamic look to your setting.

Our process has 4 steps to follow:

Step 1: We start with a consultation where we’ll discuss what kind of design you are looking for and work out the logistics needed to fulfill your project.

Step 2: We will assess any soil conditions in the area, prepare base layers properly and determine drainage requirements.

Step 3: We will apply elements such as sealers or waterproofing products if necessary and set up forms before pouring the mixture.

Step 4: In finishing touches, we power wash surfaces when required apply joint treatment materials depending on needs.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

We provide professional pool deck resurfacing services in Gold Coast to make sure your outdoor space is beautiful and well-maintained.

Pool decks and pool surrounds can deteriorate over time due to exposure to weather, wear and tear and algae growth.

Our experienced technicians utilize state of the art equipment and quality materials for a lasting finish that will make your pool decks and concrete pool surrounds look brand-new again. We also offer comprehensive consultation, handling everything from project planning to installation at the most reasonable prices.

Our resurfacing process consists of 4 steps:

Step 1: We come to assess its condition and discuss what type of resurfacing you’d like.

Step 2: We prepare the area by clearing debris and cleaning the surface to ensure maximum adhesion of the new material.

Step 3: Our team applies high-grade epoxy resin or acrylic coating in various colors, textures, patterns, and designs that suit your aesthetic preference while providing superior protection against water damage and fading over time.

Step 4: Upon completion, our team inspects the entire area ensuring that all repairs are made accordingly and clean up after themselves so you can enjoy your newly transformed deck as soon as possible!

Since we’re experts in this industry, we can guarantee a quick turnaround with long lasting results. Plus our Handy Concrete Resurfacing’s dedicated customer service staff in Gold Coast is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have along the way!

Frequently Asked Questions:

The best way to resurface driveways is by having a professional resurface it. A professional resurfacer knows exactly what needs to be done to ensure that your driveway looks great again. He or she will take care of everything from removing any loose stones to applying sealant to fill cracks and holes. Depending on the type of surface you have, the professional may recommend different methods of resurfacing. Some surfaces require sanding and resealing, while others only require sealing. Before hiring a professional resurfacer, ask him or her about his or her experience working with concrete. Ask about the materials he or she uses, and how much maintenance is required. Also, check references and look for testimonials online. Make sure that you hire a reputable resurfacer.

Yes! There are many different ways to resurface concrete, depending on the type of surface you have. Some methods include grinding down the top layer of concrete, removing the entire surface, and starting again. Other methods involve applying a fresh coat of concrete over the existing surface. A third method involves sanding off the top layer of concrete and filling in any cracks. All these methods require professional help, however, so it’s best to hire a contractor to handle the job.

The price of a concrete driveway varies depending on the size of the project, the type of material used, and any special features included. The average cost of a concrete driveway ranges from $3,000-$10,000. However, prices can vary widely depending on location, materials, and the level of service provided. Some homeowners may opt for DIY concrete driveway repairs, while others may hire a professional contractor. Either way, the process should be completed by a licensed contractor.

Concrete resurfacing lasts anywhere from 3 to 10 years depending on the type of concrete you use. Most homeowners opt for epoxy resin sealers, which are applied to the surface of the concrete and hardens to form a protective layer. Epoxies are inexpensive and easy to apply, but they aren’t waterproof. So if you live in a rainy climate, you may need to reapply the sealer every year. Another option is to use a colored sealant, such as a red or blue color. These sealants are water resistant, and they look great on any kind of driveway. However, they tend to fade over time, so you’ll need to reapply them every few years. If you’d rather avoid having to repaint your driveway every couple of years, consider installing a concrete overlay. Overlays are made from durable materials like stone or brick, and they add a decorative touch without requiring much maintenance.

The price of concrete resurfacing depends on many factors, such as the size of the area needing to be resurfaced, the type of concrete, and the amount of prep work needed prior to resurfacing. A typical job could range anywhere from $1,000-$5,000 depending on these variables. However, we recommend that you always hire a professional contractor to perform any concrete resurfacing project. Professional contractors have experience working with different types of materials and can ensure that the finished product meets your needs.

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The Gold Coast is a coastal city in the state of Queensland, Australia, approximately 66 kilometres (41 mi) south-southeast of the centre of the state capital Brisbane and immediately north of the border with New South Wales. The area was previously occupied prior to European settlement by the Yugambeh language people. The demonym for the Gold Coast is Gold Coaster. With an estimated population of 679,127 in June 2018, the Gold Coast is the sixth-largest city in Australia, Australia’s largest non-capital city, and Queensland’s second-largest city.

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