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Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is a great way to give your concrete driveway, patio or any other surface an improved appearance. It will also help keep your existing concrete surfaces looking good for longer. The process involves laying down another layer of cement over top of your existing cement. This new layer of concrete is much thicker than the previous one. After which, it is polished smooth using a power tool. It is polished after sealing so that it blends seamlessly into your existing concrete surface.

Concrete Repair

Concrete repair is a service provided by concrete contractors who specialize in repairing damaged areas of concrete structures such as sidewalks, driveways, patios, foundations, retaining walls, etc. The process involves removing the old concrete and replacing it with new concrete. This is done using various methods depending on the type of damage. Some common types of repairs include crack filling, patching, resurfacing, pothole repair, and more.


With Covercrete’s extensive range of products and services, there is no job too big or small. From simple repairs such as patching cracks and holes, to full renovations including new facades, decks, patios, pergolas, retaining walls and much more.

Best Quality Concrete Services

A professional concrete company offers several advantages over DIY projects. 

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